CRESIDA Seminar Programme Autumn Term 2019

Convenors: Istvan Praet and Todd C. Rae

Time and location: Thursdays, 4.15pm, Parkstead House, Whitelands College, Room G070, followed by drinks at a nearby pub.

10 October          Nadine Beckmann, University of Roehampton – Sources of misdiagnosis in rapid HIV testing. A qualitative study of clinic-based HIV testers in Zimbabwe

17 October            Alex Mielke, University of Portsmouth – Relational complexity in the social relationships of sooty mangabeys and chimpanzees

24 October        Istvan Praet, University of Roehampton – The worldwide absence of aliens: An anthropological perspective

31 October            TBA

14 November         Alexander Taylor, Cambridge University – The data centre as technological wilderness? Locating the human in the cloud

21 November           Aaron Parkhurst, University College London – The anthropology of the body in outer space

28 November         Paddy Tkaczynski, Max Planck Institute – Multi-faceted maternal effects in wild chimpanzees

5 December          TBA