Ricardo Ontillera

Research interests: Social Anthropology; Human-Animal Studies(HAS); Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Ecosystem Services; Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Biography: After finishing my Bachelor´s degree in Biological Sciences in Madrid (UAM), I extended my academic background with a MSc in “Social Research based on environment” at UPO in Seville. Then I decided to extend my training with a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at UNED.

I have been working on research projects relating to the analysis of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), ecosystem services, social networks analysis (SNA) and ethnography in different Spanish contexts, some of which were the home gardens from Sierra Norte de Madrid and the transhumant shepherds of the Conquense Drove Road. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to work for the Spanish Inventory of Traditional Knowledge (SITK) for three years. I am currently undertaking my PhD fieldwork (2015-2018) in the Canary Islands where I am studying the whole world of cockfighting as part of a multidisciplinary research project on human-chicken relationships.

As a result of these projects, I had the chance to attend international congresses and seminars such as the 13th Congress of The International Society of Ethnobiology (Montpellier 2012), the 6th International Congress of Ethnobotany (Córdoba 2014) and the II Seminario de Antropología Ambiental (Seville 2017).


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