Road Safety Activity

I have decided that my E-Learning topic will be on Road Safety. My focus is on Road safety because it is important that all children need to learn understand the dangers of the road and how to keep safe when they are outdoors, crossing the road  The target audience for my activities will be Primary school children aged 7 to 11 years old.

Over the last few weeks I have been exploring tools that could be used to create Road Safety resources to develop the children’s knowledge and awareness.

Activity 1

For my first activity I have created a discussion post for the children to have online around Road safety using Padlet. This will enable the children to discuss what they know about Road safety and how they keep safe when they are using the road as a pedestrian. It will also enable them to potentially learn new facts from their peers.

Click the image below to access Padlet.

Activity 2

My second activity is an animated video using Powtoon, which will highlight the dangers of the road to the children if they do not pay attention.

Click the play button to view the video

Activity 3

For my third activity I have begun the creation processes of a Road safety game using the software Scratch. However, there are some errors which need to be corrected by the children. So far the character can move left and right when the corresponding key is pressed. The children need to code each individual object so that during game play the effect is given that the background is moving when the character and car are also moving. This will involve coding the tree and lamppost to move in synch as well.

The overall aim of the game, once complete is to further explore how they can stay safe  when they are crossing and around busy roads. The children will have full control of the character on screen and they must guide the character past the cars as it comes towards them.

Click the green flag on the top right hand of the screen below to have a look at the game so far.

Activity 4

My final activity is a fun quiz, created on Kahoot, which tests the children’s memory and knowledge that they will have hopefully gained from the prior activities rounding up the importance of Road Safety.

View the video below to see how the site works.