Thank you strangers

dear strangers,

i don’t know who you are or how you came to find me but I am so grateful for all your help. Your questions made me realise that people are interested in my work and help me to continue my journey.

You found my map when it was ripped and I was lost. You made me a new set of clothes when I hadn’t nothing else to wear. I don’t know what I would do without you, actually I pretty sure that without your help I would be lost forever.

thank you again cada. Keep doing this important work

Benjamin Of Tudela 

Planning out my journey

I intend to travel to places in a specific order so that if I lose my map I can easily remember which way I was going and ask strangers for help. My travel plans look like this:

  1. I  start my journey from the city of Zaragoza in Spain.
  2. I travel Rome to collect my maps.
  3. I sail to Cyprus to try and sell some materials.
  4. Then I shall travel across the great sea to Egypt and take a camel from Alexandria to Cairo.
  5. I will then travel to Jerusalem and hopefully learn about the large Jewish community in  Baghdad.
  6. I plan to sail down the Persian gulf to return to Egypt.

I do not have many copies of my maps so if I lose one it could make my journey very hard and possibly dangerous. I will have to be careful.

Hello world!


My name is Benjamin of Tudela and I am planning to travel all across Europe, North Africa and western Asia. As a boy, I had bible stories read to me and I heard about these distant lands and their beauty. I know that I am destined to see the holy land in all it’s glory!

I have maps and information about the lands I am travelling to and I am also packing different objects to sell along the way to help me pay for my trip. I am so excited to set off on my journey I plan to write down and draw what I see to help others who may want to travel after me.