Amelia Earhart – About Me

Hey there, I thought you might like to know a little bit about me.

I was born on 24th July 1897 in Kansas, America. I have always had a spirit for adventure ever since I was a little girl. My sister Grace and I used to love climbing trees, hunting rats and sledging on our tummies down the hill.

Whilst I was studying medicine at University I took my first ride in an airplane. Ever since then all I have wanted to do is fly.

Eventually I received my first pilot license. I am only the sixteenth women to get one, which is just fantastic. Shortly after, I bought my first plane which was painted bright yellow. I called it The Canary.

In 1928 I was invited to be the first female to fly across the Atlantic, but only as a passenger. The pilot was Bill Stultz and mechanic Louis E Gordon.

I landed in the United Kingdom on June 17th 1928. Instantly, everyone started to recognise me. It was little bit embarrassing at first because it wasn’t me flying the plane I was just a passenger that had to keep the log of where we were at what time. It was good though because it helped me raise money for more flights.

I am the first to fly from Hawaii to California on my own and the first to fly from Mexico City to New York City, without stopping. I just want to prove to everyone that flying is safe.

I have had a few successful flights with my favourite one being when I flew across the Atlantic on my own. When I was 34 I took off on the evening of 20th May 1932. I was in a bright red plane called a Vega 5B, I liked to call it Old Bessie. After 14 hours 56 minutes I landed in Ireland. I am the first women to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean.

Now I’m dreaming off flying around the world. I’m hoping to do it soon with my navigator Fred Noonan. Hopefully it won’t be too long till I get the chance.





Click the link below to watch a video of my life so far…

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