The day is nearly here…

Its Tuesday the 1st June tomorrow, the day is nearly here. I cannot wait for this challenge; to be known as the first woman to fly around the world. I have just finished getting my things together. I’ve got some chicken soup and enough petrol to last me 20 hours in the sky.

I am planning on leaving tomorrow evening around half past ten so it will be quite dark. I prefer taking off in the evening so that when it’s time to land there is some daylight.

My plane is a new all-metal, two engine plane. I have decided to call it the Flying Laboratory because it has so many technical things in. It is the best airplane in the world.

Two months ago when I tried this I didn’t get very far as my plane crashed during take-off in Hawaii. I’m now following a west to east direction. My plan is to take off from Oakland, California, and fly west to Hawaii. From there, we will fly across the Pacific Ocean to Australia. Then we will cross the sub-continent of India, on to Africa, then to Florida, and back to California.