Introducing Katerina Volioti

Dr Katerina Volioti is a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Humanities where she teaches modules on Classical art. Katerina was educated at the Universities of Cambridge (BA in Archaeology & Anthropology), Oxford (MSc in Management), and Humboldt (MA in Politics). She worked in corporate business—where she was responsible for designing and rolling out induction and training programmes for high-performance teams—before returning to academia to write a PhD on the materiality of Greek vases at the University of Reading. Katerina is passionate about HE teaching and is fully committed to embedding transferrable skills into her lectures, aiming to empower students to work in a global and multicultural world. Her research combines perspectives from social theory, cognitive psychology, and product marketing with the study of Attic decorated pottery of a lesser artistic merit. She has published widely in academic journals and edited volumes. Her latest publications include a book chapter entitled ‘Volitional Consumption’ in an edited volume by Routledge (2017) and another chapter in a forthcoming book Between Words and Walls, to be published by Cambridge University Press.

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