Introducing Tony Keen

Tony Keen came to Roehampton in 2013 as a Visiting Lecturer, after a teaching career that stretches back to 1990. He became Lecturer in Classical Civilisation in July of 2017. He teaches modules on Classical Reception, ancient history and mythology; he is also the convenor of the MRes in Classical Research. He researches on Classical Reception in popular culture, especially science fiction and fantasy, and cinema.

Tony’s most recent publication is the chapter ‘Prometheus, Pygmalion, and Helen: Science Fiction and Mythology’ in Vanda Zajko and Helena Hoyle (eds), A Handbook to the Reception of Classical Mythology (Oxford & Malden, MA, 2017). He is the author of Dynastic Lycia: A Political History of the Lycians and their Relations with foreign Powers, c. 545-362 B.C. (Leiden, 1998) and co-editor of The Unsilent Library: Essays on the Russell T. Davies Era of the new Doctor Who (London, 2011), which was shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Award for Best Non-Fiction. He is currently organising the conference Swords, Sorcery, Sandals and Space II: The Age of Prometheus which will take place at Roehampton in August 2018.

For more information, check out Tony’s Roehampton webpage and his Roehampton blog.

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