Showing and Telling Classics in Children’s Culture – from Roehampton to Cardiff

In the summer of last year, a rather wonderful event took place in the University Library here at Roehampton tied in with the Our Mythical Childhood project. This was a classical-reception-in-children’s-culture Show & Tell. In the morning, participants each shared an artefact from children’s culture that is shaped in some way by classics. This ranged from books, including those which participants had themselves read as children, to minifigures, to – in my case – my treble recorder, an ‘aulos.’ Then, in the afternoon, we had a tour of the Children’s Literature collections at Roehampton and followed this with a treasure hunt in the collections. We all then shared our discoveries with the group. Karen Pierce wrote several pieces about the event in her blog.

Karen is now organising a second Show & Tell, this time at the Arts and Social Sciences Library at Cardiff University, which is also her workplace. This takes place on Wednesday 31 July 2019 – for details, including how to get further information, please see Karen’s lovely poster – in English and in Welsh. You can also email Karen:

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