Parental investment in Agta foragers

Abigail Page

This week in the CRESIDA seminar series, the speaker is Dr Abigail Page, a research fellow in the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Her talk is on parental investment in Agta foragers in the Philippines.  Come and join us on Thursday, November 1st, at 4.15pm in Room G070 at Parkstead House to learn more.


Development programmes seek to improve child health and wellbeing, however frequently overlook the key role parental investment has in dictating child outcomes. Parents can be seen as gatekeepers through which interventions must work through, therefore a systematic understanding of parental investment using life history theory is essential.  This talk will examine some key predictions from life history about parental investment and childcare from other sources to explore their relationships with the demography and health of Agta foragers from the Philippines.

Agta woman and baby

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