Sources of misdiagnosis in rapid HIV testing in Zimbabwe

This week in the CRESIDA seminar series, the speaker is our very own Nadine Beckmann (University of Roehampton), who is sharing her research on sources of misdiagnosis in rapid HIV testing, based on a qualitative study of clinic-based HIV testers in Zimbabwe. Come and join us on Thursday, October 10th at 4.15pm in Room G070 at Parkstead House to learn more.


A growing number of studies highlight disconcerting levels of misdiagnosis in the scale-up of HIV rapid testing programmes. Evaluation studies point to user errors as some of the potential sources of misdiagnosis, but what are the views and experiences of clinicians and primary counsellors who perform rapid HIV testing? The Manicaland Centre for HIV Research has conducted a large-scale survey of the extent, patterns, possible sources and impact of misclassification errors in routine rapid HIV testing in Zimbabwe. This seminar paper will report on the findings from the qualitative branch of this study, which analyses clinic-level factors in the misclassification of HIV test results in a sample of testing facilities in Zimbabwe.

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