CRESIDA seminar by Dr Giovanna Capponi on the multiple meanings of wild boar in central Italy

On 4 February 2021, Dr Giovanna Capponi from the University of Roehampton and CEFRES/Charles University in Prague presented a webinar in the CRESIDA seminar series titled ‘What does a wild boar mean to different people? Managing human-wildlife conflicts in Central Italy’.

Wild boars, increasing in numbers and even in size, have been recently at the heart of a public debate in Italy. Feeding on crops, breaking fences, and causing car accidents, wild boars rapidly became the villains of rural (and even urban) areas. While a variety of regulations are in place for the control of wild boar population, different actors (hunters, biologists, farmers, environmentalists) have multiple interests, strategies, and views on how wildlife should be managed, contained, or exploited. Drawing upon ethnographic data collected in the Italian Apennines, this paper describes the current and emerging conflicts between different human and non-human stakeholders.


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