Forthcoming course on Human-Animal Studies

Our postdoctoral fellows Ricardo Ontillera-Sanchez and Giovanna Capponi are glad to present Human-Animal Studies: An Introduction for Postgraduate Students. This RSDP course will contribute to a better understanding of one of the most rapidly growing international fields of research. Specifically, in demonstrating how ethnographic research is one of the tools which allows exploration of the relation between human and nonhuman animals in many different settings. The course will introduce major interdisciplinary, and multiple university projects, that explore issues of multi-species relationships, breeding and domestication. These materials might subsequently provide an interesting topic for a broad range of postgraduate students. This is an asynchronous/self-paced RSDP course. Therefore, students will be able to complete it at their own pace. The course will be divided into different videos and activities with a total estimated time to complete (ETC) of 90 minutes. All materials, including an introductory video, are expected to be ready by the end of April. For further information regarding the course, please contact Ricardo Ontillera (

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