The anthropology of facial hair

In our first year Key Skills in Anthropology module, students are introduced to the fundamental academic skills necessary to succeed in university and post-university employment. As part of the course, students are asked to write an essay on the topic of hair from a social and biological anthropological perspective. This week we are featuring a Read More…

CRESIDA webinar by Professor Holly Dunsworth on tall men, broad women, difficult childbirth, helpless babies and oppressive scientific and pop culture myths

On 16 December 2020, Professor Holly Dunsworth from the University of Rhode Island presented a webinar in the CRESIDA seminar series titled ‘Tall men, broad women, difficult childbirth, and helpless babies have stronger evolutionary explanations than the oppressive myths to which science and pop culture cling’.  

Hands, shadows and puppets: transcending puppetry

By Yu-Chun Chen Yu-Chun Chen is currently a PhD candidate in social anthropology in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Roehampton. Her thesis ‘Become and becoming a dancer: an ethnography of the Taipei Dance Circle’ focuses on the liminality across bodies, space and time in this dance troupe which lost their leader. Puppets, the inanimate things off Read More…

HIV/AIDS and Global Health: Hijras and HIV

Our third year HIV/AIDS and Global Health module, which explores broader anthropological questions around HIV/AIDS, illness and healing, sexual and reproductive relationships, and global health. As part of the module students are required to design a HIV awareness poster or research proposal. This week, we are featuring a poster assignment by Jana-Sharmila Sen on HIV among the Read More…

The weird and wonderful world of cigarette packaging

Two weeks ago, The Guardian featured an article about Tom Fraine, the British man who inadvertently ended up as the ‘dead’ body on the ‘smoking causes heart attacks’ label. In describing his experience of how he came to be a cigarette packaging model, Fraine recounts: ‘I was offered €200 and asked to come to a disused hospital on the outskirts of Berlin. They painted my face grey, put me in a body bag and took me to the morgue. Being in a body bag really freaked me out, especially when the photographer zipped the bag up fully and whispered: “This is for Dresden”, before unzipping me. He had a dark sense of humour.’