External researchers

Accessing the collection

External researchers, including postgraduate students, are welcome to access the collection for their research. Please contact Dr Lia Betti, the curator, for enquiries about available dates, regulations, facilities, location of the remains, or an updated list of available individuals. A database with basic information on the individuals, including estimated sex, age-at-death, presence of pathologies, can be also obtained from the curator.

Before applying, please read the application guidance below:

  • Policy  Roehampton policy for the care of human skeletal remains
  • Application for access  Application form to access the osteological collection at the University of Roehampton
  • Application guidance  Guidance on how to apply for access to the collection, for off-site analysis and for destructive sampling
  • Loans and destructive sampling  Application for off-site study of the remains and for destructive sampling