Dissertations and Master’s projects

Undergraduate students in Anthropology, Zoology and Biological Sciences can choose a project involving the study of the collection for their dissertation. It will usually require collecting the data during the summer before the third year.

Master’s projects as part of the MRes in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour, can also be discussed with Dr Lia Betti (

Summer work on the skeletal collection

Roehampton students (Anthropology, Zoology and Biological Sciences) are welcome to join the summer work on the collection. They will be offered a two-day workshop to learn the basics of working with archaeological human remains. During these two days, students will also learn how to estimate sex, age-at-death, stature, and signs of pathology from the skeleton. Each student will be asked to volunteer a minimum of two weeks of their summer (June-August).

The skeletons were excavated during 2014 and 2015 and are stored in boxes. They are still dirty with the soil they were buried in, and require careful cleaning and drying. The work will be carried out in the lab, on campus. An advert for the summer volunteer work on the collection will be circulated each year at the end of the Spring Term. For any question, please contact Dr Lia Betti (