Research students

Current Students


Victor Mwakha Alati

Socio-cultural anthropology; local ecological knowledge; fisheries; tourism; ecosystem services

Rebecca Bathory

Dark semiotics: the capturing and circulation of dark tourist sites

Fasco I. Chengula

Local/traditional ecological knowledge; ethnography; environmental anthropology; Climate change: impacts (vulnerability), adaptation (resilience); rural livelihoods; and natural resources management and use.  

Wen-Chi Chu

Body as metaphor: Anthropology and epistemologies of non-anatomical body movement in the British context

Herre de Bondt

Human-Animal Studies, Multispecies Ethnography, Urban Anthropology, Ethnography, Biodiversity Conservation

Deepak Bhat Dundi

Living with wildlife in the time of human and wildlife conflict in the western Ghats, India

Felicity Inns

The Poppy: Poetry and patriotism or power and politics

Alex Mullan

Multispecies Ethnography; Microhistory; Human-Animal Relations; Tacit Knowledge

Kisiaya Saruni Mwasuni

Maritime oral traditions, Intangible cultural heritage, indigenous knowledge, traditional medicine, public health, cultural heritage tourism

Monicah N. Sairo

Crafts production and Marine heritage making in Lamu Island, Kenya


Recent Students

Giovanna Capponi

Chickens, ritual and sacrifice in Candomblé (Italy and Brazil)

Piotr Fedurek           

Social bonds and stress in a hunter-pastoralist community

Yu-Chun Chen

Individuality, identity and embodiment: a case study of changing careers to become a dancer

Jonathan Karkut

The anthropology of public policy within the context of the UNESCO global geoparks network

Zina Morbach

Social resilience in baboons

Ricardo Ontillera

The culture of cockfighting in the Canary Islands