Jonathan Karkut

Research interests: Ethnography; Policy; Science Technology Society (STS); Philosophy of Geology; Geoparks; UNESCO; Audit Culture; Anthropocene

Biography: Having qualified first as a geologist (including experience in the fields of exploration, mining and in the British Geological Survey), then gaining post-graduate and professional training in anthropology and tourism, Jonathan brings a unique knowledge of both earth and social sciences particularly as connected to the realm of sustainable development. This has been honed into his PhD research within the thesis titled: ‘Policy tectonics: Theory and enactment around the model for UNESCO global geoparks’ – The thesis was submitting at the end of 2017 with viva lined up for 15th February 2018.

Over the past 20 years, Jonathan has been responsible for developing, managing and delivering training and research for projects and consultancy in the areas of tourism, heritage and sustainable development. He brings particular expertise in optimising the potential of intangible cultural heritage and in finding appropriate balances when managing complex landscapes.

As an active member of Royal Anthropological Institute, Geological Society of London and ICOMOS UK (including ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee), he has made contributions in the area of sustainable tourism proposals and innovative collaborations across a number of UNESCO World Heritage projects notably in mixed cultural and natural sites.