Yu-Chun Chen


Research Interests: Socio-cultural anthropology; theatre anthropology; embodiment; narrative; individuality; phenomenology of the body; aesthetics; politics; ethnography; cognitive psychology; anthropology of arts; craftsmanship; sociology of work; sociology of knowledge.

Biography: I was born in Taiwan and started my college life in social science in 2002. From Tunghai University to National Taiwan University, I studied sociology for eight years and acquired bachelor and master degrees, with my research interests crossing from religion to politics. Drawing on the theoretical approach of the sociology of narrative and narrative analysis methods, I completed my M.A. thesis in 2010 on the topic of depoliticization of political events in Taiwan. After finishing my master’s thesis, I worked as an editor for a magazine: Renlai Monthly. During this period, the process of finding pictures or photos, interviewing artists and making contact with various people made me gradually recognize that I have a commitment to studying issues of transformation, especially in the areas of art practices and changing careers. This made me decide to return to academia and embark on a PhD program at the University of Roehampton.

Title of PhD thesis: Becoming a baby-oil dancer: the Ethnography of the Taipei Dance Circle


Yu-Chun Chen(2012)“Dancing Through the Lens: Photographing the Pacific Festival of Arts”, in “Focus : From Taiwan to Solomon Islands”, in Renlai Monthly, No.98, pp34.

Yu-Chun Chen(2012)“Budai Salt Industry – Rise, Fall and Revival”, in Renlai Monthly No.93, pp20-24.

Yu-Chun Chen(2011)“Who Decides What is ‘Normal’?”, in Renlai Monthly No.85, pp36-39.

Yu-Chun Chen(2010)“From Derelict Granary to Cultural Treasure Trove: The Decline and Revival of Yilan County’s Erjie Granary”, in Renlai Monthly No.76, pp46-49.

Yu-Chun Chen(2009)“The Conditions of Transitional Justice : An Analysis of Sociology of Culture on Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall’s Renaming Event”, in 228 Incident 62nd  Anniversary Assembly Theses: History, Education and Inheritance of 228 Incident, Published by The Memorial Foundation of 228, pp 489-514.(in Chinese)


  • 2015 Government scholarship to study abroad, $ 16,000 US dollars per year (from 2015 to 2016).
  •  Master’s Thesis: The Politics of Depoliticization: A Narrative Sociological Analysis of Political Events in Taiwan Acquired the Honorable Mention of Cultural Studies Association and only 5 of 61 competitors won the prizes.
  • Taiwan Tzu-Ho Award from Tzu-Lin Education Foundation, $50,000 NT dollars.
  • Taiwan Ethnic Harmony Award from Charitable Trust Ethnic Reconciliation Fund, $$ 30,000 NT dollars.
  • 2005 – 2006 Research Creativity Award from the National Science Council, $47,000 NT dollars.(Research Topic : A Case Study of New Religions in Taiwan: The Religious Life in Dharma Lineage