Study @ Roehampton

What is it to be human? How do we live? Where did we come from and where are we going? 

These are some of the big questions you’ll delve into if you embark on an undergraduate degree in anthropology at Roehampton. Our programme covers classic themes of both social anthropology (such as kinship, witchcraft, cannibalism and indigenous cosmologies) and biological anthropology (including human ecology and adaption, primate biology and behaviour, and human evolution).  

We received 100% student satisfaction in the National Student Survey in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020, making us the top-rated anthropology programme in the country in this area!

You’ll enjoy a dynamic learning experience, taught by staff engaged in world-class research. Learning more about everything from violence, sexuality and wildlife conservation, to global health and mental illness, you’ll work with anthropologists specialising in these topics.

We offer some of the most innovative modules in the UK.

In our first year module ‘Being Human’, lectures on big topics like race, gender and violence take the format of a dialogue between a social and a biological anthropologist, helping to reveal the overlaps and contrasts between biological and social perspectives on what it means to be human. We also offer the opportunity to attend our intensive South African field course (additional fees required), where you’ll be able to experience African fieldwork, learn directly from people living and working in conservation and related fields in South Africa and directly observe South African wild-life. Not only will this provide unique insight into the reality of conservation in Africa, it will also be a valuable experience of another culture and country.

According to the Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education 2018 results, 100% of our graduates were in work or further study within six months.