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Rio Heriniaina has been selected as a top 100 young African conservation leader
Rio Heriniaina Former More)
CRESIDA seminar by Dr Giovanna Capponi on the multiple meanings of wild boar in central Italy
On 4 February 2021, Dr Giovanna Capponi from the University of Roehampton and CEFRES/Charles University in Prague presented a webinar in the CRESIDA seminar series titled 'What does a wild boar mean to different people? Managing human-wildlife confli (More)
Spotlight on... Garry Marvin
Garry Marvin Position: Professor of Human-Animal Studies at the University of Ro (More)
CRESIDA webinar by Dr Stefano Kaburu on human-macaque interactions
On 7 October 2020, Dr Stefano Kaburu from the University of Wolverhampton presented a webinar in our CRESIDA seminar series titled 'Investigation of the drivers and (More)
New CRESIDA doctoral dissertation on cockfighting in the Canary Islands
(c) Ricardo Ontillera Ricardo Ontillera Sanchez, a CRESIDA student, recently compl (More)
Attempting to live well with elephants: Human-elephant relations in the western Ghats, India
This week in the CRESIDA seminar series, the speaker is our very own Deepak Bhat DundiMore)
Organs without grief: the potentials of the pig model in Danish experimental transplantation research
This week in the CRESIDA seminar series, our speaker is Anja Jensen from the University of Copenhagen, who is sharing her research on the potentials of the pig model in Danish e (More)
The making of an academic paper: Monkeys, mothering and the bystander effect
By Stuart Semple In recent years, nature documentary series have begun to feature short, ‘The making of…’ sequences at the end of each episode, in which the viewer is afforded an insight into the plans, trials and tribulations that ultimately led to (More)
A snail by any other name is a slug: Culture, nature and classification
By Kirsten Bell Since moving to the UK nine months ago, I have finally acquired a small garden – something I have lived without for most of my adult life. Having grown up in the tropics, I was therefore relatively unfamiliar with the scourge of gard (More)
Baboons in our midst – a glimpse into the life and work of a primatologist
By Zina Morbach Observing primates in their natural habitats is a core part of the work of primatologists, but most people have little sense of what that entails – beyond glamorized images of Sigourney Weaver as Dian Fossey in the 1988 film More)
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