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An interview with Garry Marvin about his mammoth new co-edited book "Human-Animal Studies"
Human-Animal Studies is a burgeoning multidisciplinary enterprise. Human-Animal Studies places the relationships humans have with other animals, and the relations other animals have with humans, at the centre of scholarly enquiry, artistic practice, (More)
New CRESIDA doctoral dissertation on animal sacrifice and ritual offerings in Afro-Brazilian Candomblé
Giovanna Capponi, a CRESIDA student, has successfully completed her PhD Viva based on her study of human-environmental relations a (More)
Monkeys and maladies
By Stuart Semple In the film Outbreak, a deadly virus is unleashed in America after an infected monkey is brought into the country. It’s a film with a real basis in truth – we know that diseases with catastrophic impacts can be transmitted from (non (More)
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