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Buckingham (2007): selling technology solutions- the marketing of Educational Technology & Bett fair-2017
Reviewing Buckingham’s chapter on the marketing of educational technology it focuses highly on the influence of educational technological tra (More)
the implications of learning communities in primary education
"Learning platforms offer safe and secure web access to teaching, learning and management resources for the whole education community" Link click: HERE   (More)
reflection: Barrs and Horrocks: ‘Educational blogs and their effects of pupils’ writing’
“Good writing has purpose – i.e. it means something to somebody; it tells you something new about the world / contains original ideas; it is not just ‘correct’ – doesn’t have to be accurate and obey the rules” Summary: How to be an effective blogg (More)
Plicker Presentation Reflection
The use of technology and programmes in the classroom are crucial to today’s society as most of what we do revolves around the use of new and improved systems that that makes remedial tasks quicker and easier.  This is why for my seminar on technolog (More)
KidSMART website
KidSMART website: click here E-safety is a crucial part of the computing curriculum due to the issues and security threats that are imposed on children from such a young age.  With so m (More)
Darren Savage- The internet
Today is our last computing lecture hosted by Darren Savage who works for Publics London with the aim to help huge developing companies such as Sony to adapt to the new technological era. To read moreMore)
For this weeks’ lecture, I have created a presentation on the importance of e-safety for children. The presentation is aimed at older children to understand why it is important that they stay safe online and how they can report issues that they may f (More)
Horizon Report - Presentation
For today’s lecture, we used a form of video conferencing rather than a normal face-to-face lecture. The reason for this was to show the benefits that these could have in a classroom and how you could easily share content and ideas with others on an (More)
Reflections from Rutherford House meeting
As part of our project for this year’s model, it is compulsory that in groups we create a google classroom learning environment on a given subject for sacred heart school. I and Ashok Philips are creating an E-learning resource that allows teachers a (More)
Salmon (2002) Chapter 2: The 5 stage frame work of e-Activities
“For online learning to be successful and happy, participants need to be supported through a structured development process." (salmon,2002) Salmons reading on the 5 stages of e-Activities focuses on the development of children’s technological skills (More)
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