What do the terms mean to you?  

To me informal learning refers to a type of learning which is student-led rather than the traditional teacher led way. I also think that informal learning can take place in any environment other than the classroom, in this instance in any location that has access to some form of technology that enables the students to learn effectively.

Social learning to me means that learning takes place with other and learning comes from watching each other through observations and then copying what they do so that the person does exactly the same.

How could they impact the development, design and or delivery of your work?

 These two types of learning apply to my activities. For my Padlet activity the intention is for the children share their own knowledge of road safety which others can take on board and practice in real life situations and therefore are copying. They can also complete the Padlet activity at home making it an informal learning experience.
The Powtoon animated video can also be transformed into an informal learning activity because it is viewable on the internet, which, as long as the student has a device connected to the web, can view it at home. Social learning can also take place with this activity because the students can either view the video at home and then discuss it with their peers in class or watch it altogether and then discuss it.
The Scratch game is another activity which will involve informal learning and social learning. It will involve informal learning because I have enabled the students to take control of the creation of the game in order to complete it so that it is playable. This can be done at home as well as at school. In the school environment the students can help and learn from each other as the game is developed by them.
Week 16 – Informal and social learning

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