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I wasn’t aware till a few weeks in that there was more than one activity that we had to create which came as a shock.


To begin with I came up with a list of six topic ideas and then came stuck as to which I wanted to choose. It was only once I showed my lecturer the list that she then said choose Road Safety.Structuring this blog has been complex for me. This was because I started it off and sometimes to fault of my own I forgot to add blog content in on a weekly basis and and have structured in a way so far that seems wrong compared to how I have seen others. However, I am as to this day unsure how I can correct it to the right format.

Creation – own knowledge

Until recently I hadn’t really made any progress on my activities, in terms of the construction. I have since created and almost completed two activities which were simplest to build but not begun on the two more complex activities. We hadn’t really been shown the basics of how to use the programmes such as Scratch which with out prior knowledge are quite hard to understand at first.


A lesson objective is what students will learn in that given lesson and is written in the future tense as what is expected to be learned by the end of the lesson.  a lesson outcome is what the students will be able to do by the end.

When planning a lesson (E-learning activities for us) you need to ensure that the lesson objectives are:

Time appropriate


Week 17 – Challenges & Issues

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