Today I made great progress on making my road safety scratch game. I started off creating my first Sprite (character). This was a pretty simple process because I was able to find a cartoon figure on Google that was labeled as ‘non-commercial use’ meaning that I did not have to worry about Copyright. I used the editing software on Scratch to remove the background that surrounded the character, resized him so he fitted screem before placing him in to the main game screen. I repeated the same process again for the cartoon car which I found using the same method. I also picked out the background from Google images. This was a much simpler process as it only involved me resizing the image to fit the game screen.

Selecting and editing these ‘Sprites’ in this way took its time but personally for me it was better than having to draw each Sprite from Scratch using the software which was an option.

Week 18 – Making my Scratch game

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