Preparing for my journey……

Dear World,

I’m setting off for my journey to Tibet tomorrow. I am feeling nervous but very excited.  I have plenty of blankets and things to keep me warm. I have brought plenty of food to keep me going for some time. I don’t know how long it will take me but hopefully I will get there safe and sound. Throughout all of my adventures around the world, I think this will be my best one yet.

My dear mother and father  don’t know that I’m going to Lhasa and I think they will not be happy. I do know that it will be a risk going to this forbidden land, but all people should be able to visit wherever they want.

I am ready and prepared to see this amazing land. I cannot wait to see what it is like in Lhasa. I will speak to you all very soon,

Yours sincerely,

Alexandra David- Neel.



Yours sincerely,


2 thoughts on “Preparing for my journey……

  1. Good luck on your excellent journey.

    Why did you go to Lhasa in Tibet?

    Why did you run away when you were five?

    How did you do it all on your own?

    Many thanks,
    The secret agents at CADA.

    • Dear Secret agents at CADA,

      Thank you for your wishes. I am now on my journey and it is going well so far.
      Tibet is a forbidden country for many people, but especially for woman. I want to be the first woman to visit this deserted land and gain a more greater understanding about what it is like.

      I did indeed run away at the age of five, which I should not have done. I have always wanted to travel from a young age and wanted to see different places. I do realize I was too young for that urney and wish I waited until I was an adult.

      It is hard to travel to different places around the world and all the places I have visited have been hard. I have needed food, water and resources and it has been hard to find these items at times.

      However, I am now in the middle of my journey to Tibet and I am feeling prepared for my different barriers I face.


      Alexandra David-Neel

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