Thank you so much agents for all of your questions,

a very interesting read.

However I am now lost and somehow I have misplaced my map so I cant continue my journey. I had special co-ordinates o this map to help me find my route to Lhasa. I have also misplaced a few of my possessions which have the same co-ordinates on them. Now if you could find me those belongings this could help me with the co-ordinates.

1) Map of Tibet

2)Photograph of Lhasa from1924 which was given to me but an ancestor

3)A letter I was sending to my parents

4) A flag of Tibet that a friend gave to me that I met on my journey

5) And finally a book that I have been writing about my journey to Lhasa

All of these personal items mean so much to me and I cannot continue without each of these.

I have send Agent Gordon a copy of the map so she can help me with co-ordinates.

C.A.D.A agents please can you help me find them?


from your kind friend,

Alexandra David-Neel



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