October 11

Lesson Reflection: Online Learning Communities

Learning communities can range from a variety of sources. For example, a learning community may include group study groups within a classroom, a reading club and even group study chats on mobile applications such as whatsapp. The main point is that a learning community should benefit an individual by adding new experiences to their learning journey.

As mentioned in the previous lesson, e-learning platforms are an effective way of achieving a successful learning environment. Not only does it provide learners with a wide range of scope to work from, it is also organized, manageable and easily accessible for a large audience which may include students, teachers, parents, governors etc. The benefits of using e-learning platforms has been widely recognized by many establishments and institutions even to the point of the government pushing forward online workspaces. The Department for Education and Skills highlights the benefits of using e-learning strategies for the 21st century as they can offer  personalized support, online communities, flexible study, tools for innovation, collaborative learning etc. attributes which are all necessary for leading a progressive and successful learning environment.

When reflecting up on the benefits of an e-learning platform, it made me reflect and plan upon the properties I would like to incorporate in to my e-learning platform. The characteristics I would like to integrate in to my e-learning platform would include supporting teaching and learning (by allowing teachers to have a platform where they can communicate and collaborate with students) and unifying learner support (allowing students to learn from each other). Revolutionizing teaching by embracing the shift from traditional whiteboard lessons to online classrooms is something “Braincert” is passionate about  and emphasizes on the increased opportunities for collaborative and interactive learning.

However, some may be reluctant to use e-learning platforms as traditionalists may not see the benefits of moving the focus away from personal tutoring. Therefore, there is confrontation within the teaching community as how to beneficial and effective e-learning platforms can be.


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