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KAHOOT Presentation

When delivering a seminar on a e-learning resource, I decided to choose kahoot. Kahoot is a game based learning site which enables a large group of children to take part in class quizzes and games through the pin the class teacher provides.

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When delivering the seminar to the group, I discussed the various factors which makes Kahoot an effective learning resource. The slides are available on the link provided

During the presentation I discussed how it could be used in the classroom. For example, as the teacher makes the quizzes, all of the questions and activities that are made to suit the subject topics the class learn about. The class teachers take control of who is allowed to enter the classroom and who can take part in the quizzes so safety is not an issue. In terms of making a Kahoot page, it is very easy. For the seminar I made a simple quiz in order to model how the programme works. The site allows teachers or users to enter relevant links so children can access websites or watch relevant videos to assist their learning.

The user guide above demonstrates how different quizzes can be made.

There are many uses of Kahoot in the classroom. However, it is mainly used as a formative assessment strategy. Using technology to assess students’ understanding is a change to the traditional testing strategy, however, it is one which is more relaxed and children feel more engaged whilst doing so. The e-learning resource is an example of how the ‘use of  collaborative technologies and learning platforms  support 21st Century learning’ (Becta, 2010).

Kahoot! has successfully been used across mnay classrooms and is now used internationally as a form of formative assessment in the classroom as demonstrated in the video.

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3 thoughts on “KAHOOT Presentation

  1. Mark Hicks

    Kahoot seems like a really useful platform but do you worry about it becoming too competitive as certain children may see themselves first/last in every quiz?

    1. patela3 (Post author)

      Seeing the children’s results can be both a positive and negative thing. Children can with either benefit from it as a little healthy competition motivates them to try their best, however, I understand that if they see the same names being listed first and last then this can knock their self confidence. In this instance it would be the job role of the teacher to see whether it would be appropriate to share the result with all the children on the interactive whiteboard. Instead, Kahoot gives the option of showing a bar char which delivers the percentages of the answer each child gave to multiple choice questions.

  2. claridgm

    I love Kahoot!I’d be very tempted to use it as a fun elicitation tool at the start or end of topics. Do you think it might be difficult to use often if, as in my school, tablets are rarely in working order?


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